Who We Are

The animals cannot speak and they cannot ask for help when human beings are cruel. They are beings that deserve our love and our respect. With our kindness, sensibility and good will we can change this situation. These are the reasons SOAMA volunteers (Friends of the Animals Association) fight for, an entity without lucrative ends that looks over abandoned dogs and cats in the city of Caxias do Sul - RS. The city is the second largest city in the state and it has a very big number of stray animals and cruelty cases.

SOAMA was born in 1998. We maintain our shelter with the community's donations and through an agreement with the City hall.

We cannot help all the people that look for SOAMA and we cannot help all the animals that are suffering, but we try to do the best we can. We have a long journey ahead of us, the fight is arduous, but we are sure about one thing: we cannot leave our friends to suffer in silence and we want to teach people that animals deserve a second chance to be happy and this is in our hands.


We are located in a 3 hectares land given by the City Hall. We are over-populated, the structure is precarious and many animals arrive everyday. These animals are abandoned by their owners in front of SOAMA’s gate, they are brought by people that found them in the street and many are rescued by us and are sick, were ran over by a car, or went through severe cruelty. In this case they are treated and as soon as they are healthy again, they are ready to be adopted.

The dogs and cats sheltered here live in little houses and kennels and they consume 14 tons of dry food approximately a month. We are overcrowded and we have 1800 animals right now. All are spayed and neutered.

Our Goals

To promote responsible ownership
To encourage mutt’s adoption
To educate children in schools
To encourage the adoption of abandoned animals
To promote the respect for ALL living creatures.
To reduce the number of stray animals in the city with low cost spaying and neutering.
To punish the offenders of cruelty cases with the effective laws.
To promote the importance of animals in many aspects: they reduce sadness in cases of depression, they help in the cure of diseases, they reduce the seniors solitude, they help to encourage responsibility and respect in children, etc.

How to Help

We have now a PAYPAL account. You can donate money if you please.

Our fur babies thank you so much!