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The animal cause is amazing: it is driven by a constant feeling of love, justice and paradigm shift. Animals have always been seen as things, today we struggle for them to be seen as lives. Soama is an NGO that has been fighting since 1998 for animals rights in the second biggest city of the very South of Brazil: Caxias do Sul-RS.

Until 2016 we took care of hundreds of dogs and cats that were in a shelter waiting for adoption! That shelter became world-wide known as
"The Slum Dog of Brazil".


Since 1998 we saved thousands of animals:

  • We gave shelter to 4390 dogs and cats
  • We found families to 2789 dogs and cats
  • We spay and neuter more than 17 thousand dogs and cats
  • We helped to create a State Law that banned euthanasia of stray animals in 2013.


After 2016 our shelter is no longer under our direction, the shelter is now in the hands of the City Hall of out city. But we keep fighting for the cause we love!

We are abolitionists and we continue to:

  • spread the animal cause in social networks
  • encourage the adoption of animals and to spay and neuter them
  • spread Veganism and Vegetarianism
  • keep a permanent campaign of free or low-cost spay and neuter
  • help animals with low-income families or stray animal with surgeries, veterinary care and vaccination

We created a campaign that encourages people to identify their animals with a tag, which is not mandatory in Brazil. And we are so proud of out campaign we have called "Planting Seeds" visiting schools since 2009 to thrill and encourage children and young people about love and respect for animals and nature. We have already planted more than 43 thousand seeds ever since!

If you want to help us, even from a distance, click on the PAYPAL link below and make your donation that is so many important for us so we can keep fighting for animals!

We thank you from the heart!